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TitanMoly Titanium Molybdenum arch wires

G&H Orthodontics, which says it is recognized as one of the world’s best manufacturers of premium archwires, introduces TitanMoly Titanium Molybdenum arch wires.

According to the company, TitanMoly’s greatest advantage for orthodontists is the easier and faster archwire sequencing, which can reduce treatment times and patient discomfort.

“Orthodontists recognize our smoother wire,” Brandon Bernacchi, vice president of manufacturing, said. “The state-of-the-art diamond drawing process we use when combined with our proprietary mechanical polishing technology ensures a smoother surface for improved sliding mechanics and a more attractive finish. It’s important to note that independent laboratory tests have validated this comparison for G&H.”

Orthodontist Kristine S. West, DDS, MS, said that, “TitanMoly is the most effective titanium molybdenum archwire I have found. It is easily adaptable without breakage and enhances my treatment plans.”

According to the company, TitanMoly is the perfect bendable, nickel-free wire. It has enough recovery force and bendability without breaking. It is the preferred wire over stainless steel for a wide range of cases. Using TitanMoly means clinicians will have nearly twice the working range of stainless-steel wires, with 45 percent less deflection recovery force than stainless steel.

TitanMoly is a great wire for nickel sensitive patients because it contains no nickel, the company states.

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“The clinical advantages of titanium molybdenum archwires have been well documented,” said Howard A. Fine, DMD. “TitanMoly wires offer all the advantages plus reduced friction.”

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G&H Orthodontics is a leading provider of clinical solutions for the orthodontic community, serving customers for more than 41 years in more than 90 countries. G&H manufacturers a full line made in the United States, including brackets, bands, tubes, wires, springs, elastomerics and other orthodontic supplies. G&H Orthodontics is a privately held company headquartered in Franklin, Ind.

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