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EQUIA Fil and EQUIA Coat

GC America is proud to announce the launch of EQUIA™ Fil and EQUIA™ Coat. By combining EQUIA Fil and EQUIA Coat, GC America created the EQUIA™ Rapid Restorative System. The development of EQUIA was based on the positive feedback from years of market research and clinical experience with highviscosity glass ionomer cement (GIC) restorations, of which clinical longevity has been presented at the 2011 International Association Dental Research in San Diego, California*. On this basis, there is evidence that resin coating of EQUIA improves the physical properties of the restoration. Numerous ongoing worldwide clinical studies and evaluations are showing very promising results.

With two simple steps, EQUIA creates economic, aesthetic and effective solutions for Class I, II and V restorations.

  • Bulk-fill
  • Self-adhesion
  • Outstanding wear resistance
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • No shrinkage
  • Non-sticky handling
  • Improved strength over other glass ionomer restoratives
  • High fluoride release at tooth restorative interface and recharge capability
  • Optimal marginal seal that offers long-term resistance to microleakage and discoloration
  • Moisture tolerant in situations where isolation is difficult
  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion same as dentin

More information is available from GC America

* Data on file


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