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Uni-Verse-All positioner holds any size sensor

Digital X-rays are changing how you manage patient diagnostics. But while digital is faster and easier to use, it poses some unique challenges too. Sensor positioning is one such challenge. Unlike film, sensors are rigid and thick. And unlike film, there is no standard size to a “size-2” sensor. All this makes finding a quick and easy way to position your sensor somewhat more difficult than when you were using film.

With Flow Dental’s new Uni-Verse-All positioner, you could take every imaginable X-ray while using only one positioner and one aiming ring. Sounds impossible, yet Flow’s Uni-Verse-All sensor positioner does just that. It will hold just about any size sensor. The Uni-Verse-All sensor holder lets you reposition the sensor along the bite plane so you can go from a periapical to a bite wing in seconds, and without changing parts.

The Uni-Verse-All is easy to use and set up is fast. You choose from two sizes of sensor holders (both included in Flow’s starter kit). You then snap the sensor holder into the Uni-Verse-All positioner and slide on the aiming ring. Just like that you’re ready. Move the holder down for anteriors or periapicals, up for bite wings. Lightweight for added patient comfort, Uni-Verse-Alls are re-useable and autoclavable. A starter kit with everything you need retails for less than $57.

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(Source: Flow Dental)

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