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Flow Dental Sensibles universal sensor positioner

Flow Dental has introduced several new imaging products, including Sensibles universal sensor positioner. The Sensibles universal sensor positioner has been made even more versatile, now featuring unique locking bumpers that enable you to slide the bite block to any of several fixed positions. According to the company, clinicians can quickly and easily move from a vertical anterior X-ray to a horizontal posterior or even a bitewing position with just one sensor holder. Sensibles come with aiming rings and positioning arms and will work with all size sensors, the company reports. Purchase through your preferred dealer.

Perfect Fit intraoral camera sleeves

The company’s new Perfect Fit is described as “the one and only fully adjustable intraoral camera sleeve you can buy.” It enables you to create a custom-fit sleeve for virtually any size camera — quickly, easily and economically, according to the company. Flow Dental asserts that the sleeve will stay on every time, and your lens will always be clean and wrinkle free. According to the company, the Perfect Fit sleeves are 30 percent less expensive than other custom-fit camera sleeves.

All Bite universal bite-wing holder

Flow is also introducing new All Bite, a universal bitewing holder for all size sensors. Not only does All Bite flex to hold all sizes, but its unique snap-on/snap-off bite block enables you to move on the fly from a horizontal to a vertical bitewing, in seconds, at chairside. All Bites are economically priced, too, according to the company.

Deluxe Cushies for patient comfort

Finally there’s new Deluxe Cushies. Deluxe Cushies adhere to either the long or short side of your sensor, PSP plate or film to create a soft, cushiony surface your patients will appreciate. The unique key-way design makes positioning your Deluxe Cushie quick and easy too.

William Winters, president of Flow Dental, said: “We understand imaging from a workflow and case-management perspective. Our goal is to enhance — yet simplify — any aspect of the imaging process that we can. Our goal is to make products that are easy to use, easy to adapt, save time, reduce cost and are a benefit to both the patients and the practitioners.”

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