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Exactech expands bone-grafting line

Exactech has recently expanded its family of bone-grafting products to continue offering cost-effective options for high-quality bone-grafting performance.

Exactech’s Oralife products include DBM, cortical particulate, cancellous particulate and, now, a pre-mixed 50:50 cortical-cancellous particulate option.

Mixed cortical and cancellous particles provide the combined excellence of structural strength and volume while also providing the environment for the infiltration of blood cells and the remodeling process that promotes bone growth.

In addition to the new mixed option, smaller particle sizes of 0.25-1 mm are available for cortical, cancellous and the cortical-cancellous mix.

Oralife allografts may be used in clinical situations where human allograft is appropriate, such as periodontal defects and sinus-grafting procedures, extraction sockets, intrabony defects and in conjunction with dental implant placement.1

All Oralife products are single-donor grafts that are recovered and processed in accordance with FDA and AATB guidelines using Allowash® Technology.

These products are aseptically-processed human allografts that are pre- and post-processing microbial tested.

Oralife joins Exactech’s flagship regenerative products, Regenaform® and Regenafil® allograft, to continue to offer simple, predictable results. Both products have been clinically shown to induce bone formation and facilitate bone growth.

Offering only an optimum DBM concentration that is demonstrated by histology* to meet high osteoinductive standards after sterilization ensures the overall quality and regeneration you’ve come to expect in Exactech’s bone paste products.2


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