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StarDental iStar cordless hygiene prophy handpiece

DentalEZ recently introduced its new StarDental iStar cordless prophy handpiece. Designed to make dental hygiene procedures fast and easy, the iStar is the first true cordless prophy handpiece that enables full freedom of movement and freedom for each dental professional to choose his or her preferred disposable angle.

Cordless, lightweight and well-balanced, the iStar is ergonomically designed for optimum freedom of movement and comfortable use, according to the company. Free of extraneous handpiece tubing, the iStar relieves wrist stress caused by cord drag while providing superior accessibility with less effort to posterior regions during prophylaxis procedures. Moreover, the need for a foot pedal is eliminated, freeing the user of extra operatory obstacles. The iStar also comes with a storable charger and 100 disposable sleeves.

With the highest torque (2.0 Ncm) of any cordless prophy handpiece currently available, the iStar is equipped with consistent steadfast power comparable to air-driven handpieces. The unwavering, stable rotation provides reliable and comfortable operation for fast, effective dental hygiene procedures.

Operated by an easily accessed single multi-function button, the iStar offers multiple speed settings. A five-speed control of 500 to 2,500 rotations per minute allows for numerous procedures to be performed, from tooth polishing to treatment, with seamless, automatic speed adjustment and a battery that delivers three continuous hours of use.

The required disposable sleeves are custom fit to the iStar, available now and packaged in boxes of 500. The iStar carries a one-year limited warranty on the system and a three-year limited warranty on the battery.

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