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Curaprox – Hydrosonic pro


Hydrosonic toothbrushes brush where the bristles of normal brushes do not reach. Up to 84,000 brush movements and three innovative Swiss brush heads provide your patients with professional care at home. Ultra-fine, gentle Curen filaments, Curacurve ergonomics and the droplet-shaped design ensure this is all possible even with challenges such as braces, implants and periodontal issues.

Ever heard of the hydrodynamic effect?

The vibration of the brush head creates a hydrodynamic effect that leads to dramatic increases in cleaning efficiency. Above roughly 30,000 strokes, the vibration in the brush filaments creates turbulence in the fluids in your mouth. This turbulence causes the mix of toothpaste and saliva to find its way into the interdental spaces, niches and sulcus where it disturbs the tooth plaque, and the bacteria creating it.

Which patients benefit most?

We developed our Hydrosonic pro to give all patients professional support for their oral health. This brush will optimise the oral care for:

  • patients with orthodontic devices and dentures,
  • patients with implants, to prevent peri-implantitis,
  • patients suffering from gingivitis and periodontitis, as well as
  • people with limited dexterity as a daily precise prophylaxis for all patients.

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