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New EyeMag Smart medical loupes with sports frame and integrated laser protection from Carl Zeiss

Minimally invasive therapies are gaining increasing importance in the dental practice. The EyeMag® Smart medical loupes from Carl Zeiss are now available with a sports frame featuring special laser safety lenses and eyepiece protection.

Thanks to their outstanding optical properties, EyeMag Smart medical loupes support laser therapy with 2.5x magnification for a good overview of the treatment area and make even the finest detail visible. Bright filters ensure good color vision, therefore allowing laser procedures on the patient to be performed with maximum precision and safety. 

EyeMag Smart with laser protection offers not only an attractive design, but also optimal eye protection: the eyeglass lenses protect the user against wavelengths of diode lasers in the range 805 – 1030 nm and of Nd:YAG lasers in the range 1030 – 1064 nm.

The combination of the laser safety frame with eyepiece protection meets the requirements on laser safety stipulated by European standard EN 207. The curved shape of the lenses additionally protects the eyes against lateral incidence of the laser radiation.

If no laser protection is required, the sports frame with laser protection can be exchanged at any time for a transparent frame from the Smart line.

EyeMag Smart with laser protection has been approved as a medical device as per 93/42 EEC.

EyeMag Smart loupes with sports frame and laser protection are available in five different versions with working distances of 300 – 550 mm and therefore allow the selection of the right loupes for the respective requirement.

Outstanding wearing comfort is provided by soft nose pads and a headband. EyeMag Smart can be adapted quickly and intuitively to each individual treatment situation.


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