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Biolase – Waterlase Express

The Fast Way to Grow Your Practice!

Waterlase Express lets you begin enjoying the benefits of all-tissue lasers today…
The right laser technology can change what it means to be, or visit, the dentist. It lets you perform more procedures in a single visit, with minimally invasive procedures that mean more stress-free moments for patients and staff.

Waterlase Express has the power and simplicity to solve dental problems now, beyond expectation. The versatile and gentle combination of laser energy and water has the power to relieve dental anxiety at the source—for you, your team, and the patients you serve.

The Simplest Path to All-Tissue Laser Dentistry

Waterlase Express is the only laser to feature in-depth, step-by-step, 4K HD animations for every clinical procedure on board. No matter your level of expertise, from beginner to advanced user, the Waterlase Express animation library is an informative training resource that will serve as a great foundation for you.

Explore the Waterlase Express Animations Library

Easy to Learn and Use

In addition to a complete library of step-by-step animation, Waterlase Express also includes a handy Quick Start Guide, and a full library of useful animations and information on the tablet to ensure your team has the information and guidance to take care of your new Waterlase system day to day.

View the Waterlase Express Quick Start Guide

Helps Resolve Clinical Challenges

Every day, dentists encounter numerous clinical and professional challenges that require fast thinking and quick action, and access to tools and solutions that can help resolve the situation.  Waterlase Express has the capability to quickly trim soft tissue, control bleeding, remove interproximal decay without a drill, fine tune an impression, debride an implant and many other clinical applications.  But it also has the ability to increase your practice value and give you an edge in attracting new patients.

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Compact and Portable

Waterlase Express is sleek and small and can easily be added into operatories worldwide. Waterlase Express has the smallest footprint ever for an All-Tissue Laser, and it works well as a countertop unit.  Optional carts and a durable travel case are available. Moving the Waterlase Express all-tissue laser from operatory to operatory or even office to office can become a reality with optional carts and travel accessories.

Excellent Training and Support

We recognize that laser technology may be outside your comfort zone – and that’s okay. After all, lasers are rapidly advancing in dentistry every day, with new research and discoveries happening all the time. How do you keep up? Through BIOLASE’s excellent training and support.  Our team is ready to assist you and your entire practice with the successful implementation of new Waterlase or Epic laser technology.

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