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On June 13, the BIOLASE Academy will host a webinar that will aim to inform attendees about a new protocol for the treatment of periodontal disease. (Image: Alex Mit/Shutterstock)

BIOLASE Academy brings dental laser education online

By Dental Tribune International
May 22, 2020

The BIOLASE Academy went live at the end of March. Hosted by leading dental laser manufacturer, BIOLASE, this new online educational platform is dedicated to providing accessible and certified continuing education opportunities to dental professionals working with laser treatments. With periodontal disease possibly the most widespread chronic disease in the world, an upcoming webinar on the platform will present a new therapeutic approach to using lasers in order to improve periodontal treatment outcomes.

On June 13, the BIOLASE Academy will present a free online webinar by periodontology specialist Dr. Alin Alexandru Odor. In the webinar, participants will be presented with the antimicrobial effect of hydrogen peroxide photoactivation when using 940 nm diode lasers as a new evidence-based procedure in the treatment of periodontal disease.

“Laser users have the opportunity to acquire new information regarding the antimicrobial outcomes of different nonsurgical periodontal treatments,” Odor told Dental Tribune International. He said that the main outcomes of his webinar will be that participants learn every step of this new evidence-based periodontal protocol and understand how it can improve 940 nm diode laser outcomes in daily practice.

The suggested protocol represents a new alternative for 940 nm diode laser users in the treatment of periodontal disease,” he explained, adding that it has the potential to eliminate the need for local or general antibiotic administration and its associated side effects.

This protocol, which is based on the laser photoactivation of hydrogen peroxide, also represents a promising procedure that may reduce the SARS-CoV-2 infection rate because it appears that hydrogen peroxide is effective against the virus,” he added.

Odor performs microsurgical treatments of soft- and hard-tissue regeneration on a daily basis, and the use of lasers in periodontal treatment has been a personal interest of his throughout his career in dentistry. “This dates back to when I was still a student. I was aware that periodontal laser procedures had room for improvement, since the antimicrobial ability of the 940 nm laser wavelength in periodontal treatment lacked evidence-based support.”

Examining and improving the bactericidal effect of 940 nm and 2,780 nm wavelengths in periodontal treatment was the starting point for Odor’s research for his joint doctorate at Ovidius University of Constanța in Romania and at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya in Barcelona in Spain. In the course of his studies, he developed a new disinfection system for 940 nm diode laser treatment and a new dual-wavelength protocol for its use in the treatment of periodontal disease.

The webinar, titled “A new therapeutic approach for 940 diode laser in periodontal treatment—Dr. Odor’s protocol,” will be presented live on Saturday, June 13, at 5 p.m. EDT. Participants will have the chance to earn a continuing education credit by answering a questionnaire after the lecture. Registrations are now open on the BIOLASE Academy—the new online educational platform hosted by leading dental laser manufacturer BIOLASE.

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