Special edition Artex CR Gold from Amann Girrbach

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Maximum precision and perfect handling with special edition Artex CR Gold from Amann Girrbach

The premium articulators of the Artex Gold edition, which are limited to 1,000 units, are now available for order from Amann Girrbach. (Image: Amann Girrbach)
Amann Girrbach

By Amann Girrbach

Mon. 4 October 2021


KOBLACH, Austria: The key to a perfect restoration result is flawless model management. Amann Girrbach offers specifically developed and perfectly coordinated premium solutions for every single work step in the process chain—both for digital and classical workflows. These solutions enable working efficiently from model fabrication to analysis of the finished model in the articulator and prevent inaccuracies from occurring.

Working with the articulator is indispensable for the maximum accuracy of fit of the denture in the classic analogue workflow. In this context, the Artex system is an effective tool for the laboratory and dental practice as it makes it possible to record static oral situations with maximum precision and to simulate jaw movements one-to-one.

The Artex CR universal diagnostic and therapeutic device in Arcon design features a reproducible centric system which ensures a safe start and end position of each patient movement. Defects of less than 20 µm can be detected, controlled and eliminated with the Artex articulator. The Artex is lightweight, stable, ergonomic and highly precise—features which simplify and speed up working on the model. This drastically reduces errors and saves on material and labour costs in the laboratory and dental practice. Therefore, it is not only the patient who benefits from a perfectly fitting restoration.

Amann Girrbach now proudly presents the special edition Artex CR Gold, limited to 1,000 units. Its carbon gold finish is symbolic of the premium quality of the Artex and its status as the most widely used chewing simulator in the world. It can be ordered via the Amann Girrbach sales contact while stocks last. Delivery will take place from the end of this year.

More information on the special edition Artex CR Gold can be found at info.amanngirrbach.com/artex-gold.

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