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ACTEON – SOPIX² inside + X-Mind unity

SOPIX series sensors featuring the patented ACE (Automatic Control Exposure) technology are offering exceptional performance.

With SOPIX series sensors, you will get accurate images and striking contrasts thanks to FIBERTOPIXEL technology.
Thanks to the patented ACE technology, you acquire successful X-rays every time, meaning reliable and accurate diagnosis. ACE technology analyzes in real-time the quantity of energy received by the sensor. It automatically freezes the image acquisition as soon as the sensor receives the radiation required to produce the
perfect image. Eliminate the risk of over exposing the image!
Combined with the X-Mind unity generator, SOPIX inside with ACE technology limits the emission of x-rays during the acquisition to the necessary amount for the patient’s morphology. It uses the minimum dose required to provide a high-quality image. You protect your patients and your staff from unnecessary radiation. Moreover, SOPIX inside versions enable seamless integration into X-Mind unity generator without any visible cables.
X-Mind unity generator with its elegant style coupled to the cutting edge patented ACE technology brings the standard of X-ray generator to a very new level!

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