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ACTEON Group CEO Marie-Laure Pochon with the Piezotome Cube. (Photograph: DTI)

Interview: “Piezotome Cube is the perfect tool for ultrasonic surgery”

Aiming at more inventive, less traumatic and minimally invasive treatments for patients, the ACTEON Group is committed to providing the best products and knowledge for optimum results in dentistry. The company’s ultrasonic, surgical and imaging solutions have helped dental professionals achieve more predictable and safer treatment outcomes for their patients. At the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne, Dental Tribune Online had the exclusive opportunity to meet with Marie-Laure Pochon, CEO of the ACTEON Group, to speak about the French company’s latest innovations: Piezotome Cube, the updated X-MIND TRIUM and the bone graft material QUALIOS.

Ms Pochon, how was 2016 for the company?
Last year was the second consecutive year in which we placed more emphasis on rapid research and development in the dental and medical fields. As a result, in early 2017, we introduced many new products. We are very proud to have achieved that. At IDS, we are now very pleased to present ACTEON’s latest generation of piezoelectric devices: Piezotome Cube. This ultrasonic surgical generator is 30 per cent more powerful. Dentists will be able to perform more and safer pre-implant surgeries using Piezotome Cube. The device allows the oral surgeon and general practitioner to become more familiar with ultrasonic surgery.

So pre-implant surgery can be performed with greater ease?
Yes, with the device, pre-implant surgery can be performed easily and surgery will be a whole new experience for patients. Using Piezotome Cube for atraumatic ultrasonic bone surgery results in a faster healing time, with significant pain reduction. We now offer a better outcome for patients and dentists. Piezotome Cube is the perfect tool for ultrasonic surgery.

How does the new bone graft material QUALIOS contribute towards a successful surgery?

QUALIOS has the same efficiency as a natural bone graft material. It supports bone regeneration because of its similar structure to human bone. Its high mechanical resistance, with 80 per cent porosity and very large interconnected pores, makes it particularly compression-resistant. QUALIOS is fully resorbable and synthetic, minimising the risk of contamination. It is essentially a new generation of synthetic bone graft material. With QUALIOS, surgeries are easier owing to optimal efficacy.

Ms Pochon, you introduced X-MIND TRIUM two years ago and are presenting the latest version at this year’s IDS. What distinguishes this panoramic dental imaging unit from competing products?
X-MIND TRIUM is one of the most important and effective 3-D extra-oral imaging units on the market. Basically, the device works as a downgrade from a 3-D to a 2-D, but it can be upgraded to 3-D and cephalometry functionality at any time, which is a feature that many current users appreciate. New this year, it now allows dentists to assess bone density. Issues with implant surgery and bone density are well known, and failing to determine the correct bone density could mean failure of the implant. Having an accurate and reliable image, whether 2-D or 3-D, is of vital importance for every dentist, since the diagnosis and treatment plan are based on this image. In addition, we are delighted to announce iOS compatibility. The implant planning can be done on a native Mac version and the images can also be displayed on an iPad, allowing the practitioner to easily show the images to the patient to help him or her understand the procedure. It is important that the implant surgery be well understood by the patient in order to include him or her and give him or her maximum confidence in his or her decision.

How is piezoelectric surgery beneficial for the patient?

Before I joined Acteon as CEO, I worked in the pharmaceutical industry. I then believed that piezoelectric surgery was a significant innovation and not properly acknowledged by both dentists and patients. It seemed crazy to me that, in one day, one could go from using rotating instruments that destroy valuable tissue and result in postoperative pain to a very precise and fine surgical method, yet nobody spoke about it! It is a new way of doing surgery. A testimonial from a patient stated that she was going to lose all of her teeth and would not have been able to eat normally again. Owing to piezoelectric surgery, the patient had her smile and confidence restored. We are obliged to use the best technology available. In the end, we want to provide the best treatment options for both dentists and patients—that is our mission.

Thank you very much for the interview.

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