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At AEEDC Dubai, Dental Tribune International met with ACTEON's General Manager for the Middle East Amer Samaneh for an interview. (Photograph: DTI)

Interview: “At ACTEON, our priority is to deliver more inventive and less invasive solutions”

By Dental Tribune International
February 05, 2019

ACTEON General Manager for the Middle East Amer Samaneh has been active in the dental industry for more than five years now. Samaneh has a degree in biomedical engineering and an MBA and previously worked in the medical business, a background he says has helped further his understanding of the dental market, promoting products and helping customers. In an interview at AEEDC Dubai, Dental Tribune International spoke to Samaneh about how ACTEON aims to provide the best care and services to the Middle East and why the event is so important to the company’s success.

Based on your previous experiences at AEEDC, how important is the Middle East and Africa region for ACTEON regionally and internationally?
AEEDC is the biggest dental show in the Middle East and Africa, with attendees from all over the world. As a company, ACTEON has always been keen on exhibiting and demonstrating its innovative products while sharing clinical knowledge with visitors. Over the years, we have seen huge growth in the international importance of this show. Hence, for 2019, we have changed the way we deliver clinical messages. This year, we have well-known key opinion leaders conducting scientific lectures at the stand for three days straight. As always, visitors can test our products on-site to get a feel for the important technology we are providing for them and their patients. ACTEON in the Middle East represents 8 per cent of the total sales of ACTEON globally, and as this market is growing rapidly, I am confident in predicting that we will achieve the biggest market share in the future.

Personally, what do you look forward to the most and why?

For me, it is definitely the interaction with the clients—that is the beauty of our business. Business progress is not easily achieved, and the true effort is to be in the field with my colleagues and to ensure business progress and customers satisfaction. I find that having frequent meetings with clients always yields new strategies or ideas, as well as feedback on the quality that we provide in this highly competitive market. At ACTEON, our priority is to deliver more inventive and less invasive solutions to meet users’ and patients’ satisfaction.

IDS 2019 is only a few weeks away. What products will ACTEON be specifically highlighting at the event? Do you have any new product launches planned or other exciting news you would like to share?

I call IDS a “surprise show”. ACTEON will use the opportunity to highlight priority products such as imaging, specially X-Mind Trium, our piece of art, Piezotome Cube, and our top-quality manual instruments. Of course, the whole ACTEON portfolio will be exhibited, in an area of 500 m2. Certainly, ACTEON will have many new innovative products to show; I cannot disclose any of them just yet, but we are confident that they will be a big hit in the dental market and will emphasise ACTEON’s commitment to providing high-quality, innovative and minimally invasive solutions. Also, I invite all dentists and dealers at AEEDC to our booth (Booth 607–700) to try our products and meet with ACTEON experts.

Thank you very much for the interview.

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